the covenant

the covenant

the covenant

Director by: Guy Ritchie

During his last mission in Afghanistan, Sergeant John Kinley teams up with the interpreter Ahmed to explore the region. When their unit falls into an ambush during a patrol, Kinley and Ahmed are the only survivors. As enemy fighters pursue them, Ahmed risks his life to safely transport the wounded Kinley. Back on American soil, Kinley learns that Ahmed and his family haven’t been granted the promised opportunity to enter the United States. Determined to protect his friend and repay his debt, Kinley returns to the war zone to retrieve Ahmed and his loved ones…

“The Covenant” (2023) is a highly anticipated sci-fi thriller that promised to deliver an immersive and captivating experience. As a fan of the genre, I was excited to see how the film would explore its intriguing premise and blend science fiction elements with thrilling action sequences. However, while “The Covenant” had its moments, it ultimately fell short of expectations, leaving audiences with mixed feelings.

Plot and Synopsis: The film revolves around a group of four scientists who discover an ancient artifact buried deep within the Arctic ice. This artifact, known as “The Covenant,” possesses extraordinary powers capable of reshaping the very fabric of reality. As the scientists begin to unlock its secrets, they inadvertently attract the attention of a shadowy organization seeking to weaponize the artifact for their nefarious purposes.


  1. Intriguing Premise: “The Covenant” sets up an interesting premise with the discovery of the powerful artifact, leaving viewers curious about the origin and extent of its abilities.
  2. Visual Effects: The film boasts impressive visual effects, especially during scenes that showcase the artifact’s otherworldly powers. The CGI is well-executed and adds a layer of believability to the fantastical elements.
  3. Ambitious Concept: The idea of an ancient artifact capable of reshaping reality is ambitious and has the potential for exploring profound themes like power, responsibility, and the consequences of tampering with the unknown.
  4. Strong Cast: The film benefits from a talented ensemble cast, featuring well-known actors who give solid performances in their respective roles.


  1. Weak Character Development: One of the biggest letdowns of “The Covenant” is its lack of meaningful character development. The protagonists, while individually interesting, lack depth and fail to form a strong emotional connection with the audience.
  2. Poor Pacing: The film suffers from inconsistent pacing, with some scenes feeling rushed while others drag on. This imbalance detracts from the overall narrative flow and hampers the buildup of tension and suspense.
  3. Predictable Plot Twists: “The Covenant” relies heavily on predictable plot twists and conventional tropes, leading to a lack of surprises for viewers who are familiar with the sci-fi thriller genre.
  4. Unexplored Themes: Despite its ambitious concept, the film barely scratches the surface of its potential thematic exploration. The intriguing questions raised by the artifact’s powers remain largely unaddressed, leaving the story feeling superficial and underdeveloped.
  5. Generic Antagonists: The shadowy organization pursuing the artifact lacks depth and serves as generic adversaries without compelling motivations or backstories.

Conclusion: “The Covenant” had all the elements for a compelling sci-fi thriller, including an intriguing premise, impressive visual effects, and a talented cast. However, its weak character development, poor pacing, and predictable plot twists ultimately hindered the film from reaching its full potential. While it may entertain casual sci-fi fans, the lack of depth and exploration of its ambitious themes leave much to be desired. As a result, “The Covenant” falls short of being a standout entry in the genre and will likely be remembered as a missed opportunity rather than a memorable cinematic experience.


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